Business of Law Podcast-Isabella Fu talks about decision making and leadership

Isabella Fu (Associate General Counsel of Intellectual Policy Strategy at Microsoft Corporation) talks with Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel of Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft Corporation) about why she chose an undergraduate physics degree (2:00), decision making (4:00), designing decisions and products for change (8:15), avoiding loss aversion bias (12:00), why she went to law school (19:00), career optimization and differentiation (21:00), joining Intel (23:00), why success is built upon a great team that is empowered to make decisions (26:00), how she partners with outside counsel (30:00), helping people focus on the work that matters most (36:00), her new role leading intellectual property strategy and her focus supporting the work of others (40:45), the self-promotion trap (45:15), what happens when you apply blind auditions, and inclusive culture, and evaluate people’s contributions based on their impact (49:00).