Business of Law Podcast-Elke Suber talks about business and career development

Elke Suber (Assistant General Counsel of Microsoft Store at Microsoft Corporation, 2011 LCLD Fellow) talks with Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel of Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft Corporation, 2016 LCLD Fellow) about why she became an attorney (0:45); how she built her litigation practice after law school (8:45); how she built a new intellectual property practice (10:45); her first in-house role (11:30); leading the legal team that counsels Microsoft’s Stores business (15:30); her business’s legal challenges (19:45); how outside counsel gets to do business with her (24:45); the importance of differentiated value (32:30); how managing outside counsel builds leadership capabilities (36:30); divining your professional superpower with feedback (38:00); the role of developing relationships as in-house counsel and how to manufacture opportunity (41:00); what happens when someone moves your cheese (the game changes) (44:45); mentorship and sponsorship (46:15); and how she thinks out the “board of directors” for her professional life (50:45).

This episode also includes a special shout out to a Microsoft Strategic Partner relationship partner (55:45).


Elke Suber’s commencement speech at the 2018 Pittsburgh University School of Law graduation ceremony.