Business of Law Podcast-Karen Kepler and Rebecca Benavides talk about outside counsel selection

Karen Kepler (Law Procurement Manager at Cargill) talks with Rebecca Benavides (Director of Legal Business at Microsoft Corporation) and Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel of Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft Corporation) about the process of designing and building an outside counsel panel and how to ensure outside counsel bring diverse teams to our work.

Episode references:

  1. CELA Law Firm Engagement: Strategic Partner Selection Process
  2. CELA Law Firm Engagement Strategy
  3. Microsoft on the Issues-Celebrating 10 year of Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program and honoring 2018’s top performer
  4. Washington Initiative for Diversity-Diversity Stakeholder Gathering: Systematically Supporting the Inclusion of Diverse Outside Counsel
  5. Intelligent Feedback-Applying artificial intelligence to the outside counsel feedback process