Business of Law Podcast-Gloria Hong and Jennifer Ivan talk about incentives for outside counsel diversity

Gloria Hong (Director, Corporate Counsel, Litigation, Law & Corporate Affairs at Starbucks Coffee Company, 2016 LCLD Fellow), Jennifer Ivan (Assistant General Counsel Enterprise Experience and Management and Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance/Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs at Microsoft Corporation), and Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel of Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft Corporation2016 LCLD Fellow) discuss creating incentives designed to help outside counsel to bring more diverse teams to corporate legal work.


  1. Microsoft on the Issues-Celebrating 10 years of Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program and honoring 2018’s top performer (2018)
  2. Microsoft Law Firm Diversity Program-Program Description (2015)
  3. Microsoft’s New Strategic Partner Program (2017)
  4. Microsoft Law Firm Engagement Strategy Overview (2017)
  5. Washington Initiative for Diversity-Diversity Stakeholder Gathering: Systematically Supporting the Inclusion of Diverse Outside Counsel (2018)