Business of Law Podcast-Design Thinking

Joshua Kubicki (Chief Strategy Officer at Bold Duck), Kim Craig (Co-founder & Experience Designer at Bold Duck), Joe Nord (Attorney, Competition Law Group at Microsoft), and Grant Hewlett (Manager | Client Business & Advisory Solutions at Reed Smith LLP) talks with Rebecca Benavides (Director of Legal Business at Microsoft) about how we integrate design thinking [15:43], what is design thinking and business design [15:54], first impressions and thoughts about attending this workshop [16:20] what processes are applied to these workflows [19:55], what does change management entail [22:20], user experience [25:19], applying the learning to practice [26.19], how to keep the team engaged in processing mapping [30:56], seeing a different lens on each other’s work [33:30], creating realistic practices that work for the team [34:33], defining design thinking and it’s importance [35:40], seeing through a lens from a diverse perspective [40:44], reaction from clients and the real world benefits [44:53], importance of pilots [49:38], insights with processing data [59:10], recap/parting words [1:03:07] and were we can find Bold Duck next [1:07:55].


  1. What is Design Thinking?
  2. The Design of Business
  3. Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life