Tackling Change & Complexity

On the edge of the uncomfortable“. Words spoken by Chris Clearfield (Coach, author, consultant) as he reflects with Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft) and Candice Carr (Senior Corporate Counsel, Storyteller at Microsoft) on tackling change and complexity. How do we get comfortable with the uncomfortable (the podcast in its entirety – no timestamps necessary!)?

We talk about the genesis of the work between Chris Clearfield and Jason Barnwell (2:48) and the great partnership with Modern CELA during early stages of our team’s development (5:58).  How should we think of complexity (9:24)?  How can a small 3-person team tackle a complex problem (13:27)? Where do you start when the complexity is cultural and we face the uncomfortable (20:45)?

We reflect on our own growth (34:18), examine the risks of linear approaches to change (45:33) and close on different models of change (48:41).

Get more on Chris’ perspective on change, including the chance to download a primer, at The Art of Organizational Change – Rethink Risk (chrisclearfield.com)