Business of Law: Protecting Journalists Part 2 (the part about digital transformation)

In Part 2 of this 2-part series, Candice Carr speaks with Beth Henderson (Pro Bono Director and Senior Corporate Counsel at Microsoft) and Pablo Castro (Business Program Manager for CELA Programs at Microsoft) about the digital transformation story supporting an incredible pro bono initiative that tackles the right to information.

First, Revisit Part 1 for refresher and inspiration. Second, listen to this podcast to learn from Beth and Pablo about the challenge they tackled (3:14); the technology building blocks they used (5:10); how the team built something seamless with universal ease for multiple end users (9:32); a few of the challenges they faced and overcame (11:38) and how the team is ensuring knowledge transfer for future builds (16:03). As we think holistically for pro bono, Beth and Pablo will continue to drive digital transformation in the pro bono space, including for our pro bono partners, clients and customers (20:21). Third, watch as Pablo conducts a detailed demo of the Protecting Journalists digital transformation solution.