Business of Law-LegalTech University

Nicola Shaver (Managing Director, innovation and knowledge, at the law firm Paul Hastings) was recently named 2020 Innovative Leader of the Year in the International Legal Technology Association’s Distinguished Peer Awards. Candice Carr (Senior Attorney, Storyteller, Modern CELA at Microsoft) sits with Nicola to discuss her innovative solution around empowering new attorneys with digital transformation skills – LegalTech University. They discuss Nicola’s role [1:25], challenges and gaps identified when creating LegalTech University and its importance [4:26], how LegalTech got started [9:04], the journey [14:33], technology platform that was used [18:26], the program launch [19:40], the global pandemic effect on program design [20:12], success stories [23:49], leveraging data [27:57], next steps [29:28] and what Nicola sees for the program’s future [34:20].

Business of Law Podcast-We have Robots!

Kenneth Kozakura (Advisory Analytics & Automation Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers), Rob Greenall (Sr. Program Management Manager-Legal Operations at Microsoft), Tom Orrison (Director of Legal Operations at Microsoft) talk with Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel-Modern CELA (Legal) at Microsoft Corporation) about the decision to partner with PwC [2:26], the kinds of digital transformation projects that the PwC team does for Microsoft [5:15], challenges that brought Microsoft’s Legal Operations to Ken’s team [7:33], end-to-end engagement for this project [11:30], how the teams selected processes for automation [15:20], the provocative reaction to the pilot (we have robots (!!)) [21:14], appreciation that our work is hard, but a lot of fun, interesting and energizing [22:19], finding the right technologies for the right problems [25:04], automation demo [30:52], wins and learnings [35:22], bridging the new capabilities into the legacy stack [37:22], what the future holds [41:14], recommendations on partnering with organizations like PwC [44:23], closing comments [45:56].

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