Business of Law Podcast-Building an Enterprise Ready Bot

Martha Sperry (Director – Legal Operations & Analytics / Senior Counsel at Travelers) talks with Deborah Pursifull (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft), Amitabh Mukherjee (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft), Mahendra Kumar Arvapalli (Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft), Prasanna Balaraju (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft), and Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel of Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy at Microsoft Corporation) about what conversational AI powered chatbots are [9:40], why we use them [10:52], what it takes to build an enterprise-ready bot using conversational AI [11:37], a technical deep dive and demonstration of ZELA, Microsoft Legal’s client facing bot experience [22:10], and considerations when building your conversational AI powered experiences [1:10:41].


  1. ZELA Demonstration Deck used in this episode.
  2. Business of Law Podcast-Tagulous Demo for CLOC Las Vegas Institute 2019
  3. Business of Law Podcast-Creating a Bot Brain using, a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service
  4. Business of Law Podcast-Deploying a Basic Web Chat Bot to Microsoft Azure
  5. Brad Smith Bot demo from 2017 Mid-Year Question (MYQ): A very rough prototype bot experience shown to Corporate, External, and Legal Affair’s leadership in 2017 to generate awareness of conversational AI capabilities.
  6. Making a Bot in Five Minutes: A training video produced following MYQ 2017 to show people how quickly they could create a bot using Microsoft’s technologies.
  7. Corporate External and Legal Affairs (CELA) Productivity Hackers Innovation Hypothesis