Business of Law Podcast-Integreon and Microsoft Legal Operations discuss long-term partnership

Reshmi Paul Choudhury (Program Manager at Integreon), Danielle Haugland (Director at Integreon), Tony Breidenbach (Vice President at Integreon), Dave Schell (Contracting Process Architect at Microsoft), Rob Greenall (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation), and Tom Orrison (Director of Legal Operations at Microsoft Corporation) talk about Integreon and Microsoft’s decade of partnership. Integreon is a critical partner for the design and operation of Microsoft’s Global Contracting Office. They discuss how their organizations work together to ensure they deliver quality, innovation, and value for their client, Microsoft. The importance of communication, candor, and psychological safety are examined in the conversation. Their interaction also highlights that great partnerships are built upon a foundation of shared values and the desire to see your partners prosper. A special thanks goes to Danielle for leading the creation of this episode and moderating it.


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