Business of Law Podcast-How to Scale a Practice?

David Rudin (Assistant General Counsel – Open Source and Standards at Microsoft) talks with Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel-Modern Legal at Microsoft Corporation) about David’s path and interest in law [5:57], standard’s in open source [8:04], training process to become an attorney [8:55], big to small common ground [9:51], skill sets to solve the problem [10:47], does it scale [12:53], transactions that scale to practice [16:30], quantum standard license agreements [17:30], bring automation to large volume to scale [18:25], partnering with engineering [19:20], make things simple in the partnership [24:50], how to build trust [25:50], problem solving for both engineering and legal [27:30], defining common goals and real issues [29:30], presenting data and real numbers to engineering [31:12], creating a decision tree for series of risks [34:03], community coming to an win-win agreement [37:36], standardizing standards [38:20], simplicity of contracts [43:57], business side of terms [46:48], inputs and outputs in transactions [48:28], system of measuring outcome [50:14], community relationships [51:17], see the value in the bigger picture [52:10], understanding the relationship and culture [55:05], value as an attorney and seeing the boarder ecosystem [55:59].