Business of Law Podcast-How to run a Legal Department like a Business

Jeff Carr (race car driver, Manhattan Mixologist and former General Counsel) talks with Candice Carr (Senior Attorney, Storyteller, Modern Legal at Microsoft Corporation) and Jason Barnwell (Assistant General Counsel, Modern Legal at Microsoft Corporation) about his journey through his career [0:50], business of law [4:46], role of general counsel within a business [8:12], progress with the operator, manager, and leadership roles [13:13], key values [16:40], defining culture [21:40], shifting ourselves to a preventative mode [23:23], having a discipline structure [27:44], general counsel adapting to challenging times [30:40], optimize digital transformation [35:20], how to change our approach [36:30], leaders on the bus with us [41:01], what does his future look like [43:30], being involved in this journey and driving impact into the modern world [47:18], and bringing it forward [48:40].

Business of Law Podcast – Ballard Spahr’s COVID-19 Legal Response with Digital Transformation.

Melissa Prince (Chief Client Value and Innovation Officer at Ballard Spahr LLP), Sarah Happy (Director of Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence at Ballard Spahr LLP) and James Boyer (Director of Matter Management and Efficiency at Ballard Spahr LLP) talk to Candice Carr (Senior Attorney, Storyteller, Modern Legal at Microsoft) about Ballard Spahr’s LLP COVID-19 Legal Resource with Digital Transformation, introduction to the team at Ballard Spahr LLP [0:41], value add service [3:49], example of customer needs [3:59], Ballard Spahr’s new COVID-19 data and information tracking tool for customers [6:40], solution for customers and other end users [7:17], how clients found information before the tool [8:44], building blocks for the solution [12:41], what tools are used for the tracker [14: 32], power of automation [16:44], demo presentation [18:23], resources needed to build your solution [22:18], how long it took to stand up, challenges did you face and overcome building your solution [24:58], usability and feedback of the tracker [28:33], drive engagement or adoption by your customers [29:50], putting the customers need first [35:15], and value add to our customers [39:40].